Different Types of Cricket in detail

There are various types of cricket that are played all around the world. All types of cricket are different but the aims of these are similar. In this article, you will get all the information on all types of cricket.

Test Cricket

This type of cricket is most common. Test cricket is playing for many years in the world. In a test match, teams play two innings. Both teams play two times. One team does two-time batting and two-time bowling. The test match is played for five days. There are ninety overs played each day. In the case of a shortage of time or bad weather, they can play less than ninety overs a day. The result of the test match comes on the fifth day. Most test matches are drawn due to many conditions.

One Day Match

The one-day cricket match is called a short form of the cricket match. This type of match consists of fifty overs. The one-day cricket match has been played since the nineteenth century. It was introduced on the opinion of the public that the result should be seen in one day. This meant that when the match is finished in a day, the crowd would see the result. This type of match is much easy when they see the end of the match. There are also floodlit matches that are played at the night called day-night matches.

Twenty20 Match

This type of match Is called a very short form of a cricket match. In this match, each team plays twenty overs. This means that the match finishes more quickly. In a T20 match, players play much faster than one a day match. During this match, if no-ball is bowled then this ball is free to hit the batsman. The fact that it is restricted to such few overs makes the teams much more likely to play strong shots to score runs fast, forming more of an exciting wonder for the crowd.

The rules and regulations of cricket

It is impossible to explain all rules and regulations of cricket in these words. There are some rules of cricket are there:

Cricket Ground

A rectangle shape pitch is made in the center of the playground.  Pitch is also known as a Wicket. This refers to the pitch, the stumps, the more conceptual idea of a batsman’s dismissal.

Types of batsman’s dismissal

When the batsman is run out, that means the fielding team hit the ball on the wicket, when the batsman running across the crease.

When a batsman hit the ball, the ball flies in the air, and the fielding team players catch the ball, then that’s called catch out.

When a batsman defends the ball with a bat and the ball touched the pad before the bat, then that’s called LBW out.

Standing Empires

During the match, there are standing two empires on the ground. The decision of the umpire is final for both teams. There is a third umpire who sits on another side of the ground.  If the umpire does not know any decision, the third umpire decides.


All of this information about the cricket mentioned above will be useful to you.

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